Miles Copeland, III

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Insurrection at the Capitol

It will be interesting to see what the right wing pundits say as well as the avid Trump supporters when the word gets out that the National Guard was not there BECAUSE Trump would not send it. News that he was watching TV of the events and got excited to see his banners waving at the Capitol AND inside it has already been circulating. The truth that has been out there since even before Trump’s election is now being taken seriously. Its a shame that jolt like we saw on TV at the Capitol was what it took to make people wake up about this lying President whose talk about make America great really has been about ‘make Trump great.

However, the truth is what he accomplished was letting all those who were fooled into believing him see just how full of shit he really is. Many of us were thinking the saying “the truth will out” was no longer a truism we could believe in. Better late than never.

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