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Exaggerations are the food of politics

For four years both Republicans and Democrats have had to put up with statements from the opposing side that could be assumed to be exaggerations as normally happen in politics. Republicans accuse the Democrats of “radicle views” soft on China, defense etc. Democrats accuse Trump of dangerous anti democratic and impeachable offenses. Both accuse the other of failures regarding the Covid 19 situation. All of us can assume the other exaggerates even though these days the exaggerations seem to have increased in severity.  No the world is not going to end when Joe Biden becomes President.

Now we hear the one hour tape of President Trump trying to get Georgia to recount the votes (for the fourth time) in his favor. “I need 11,780 votes”.  This we cannot write off as an exaggeration and what should expect in the messy world of politics. This confirms what books and critics of Trump have been saying all along. He is really a danger to the American democratic system. We are lucky that he did not get reelected this time.

For those of us who think “it couldn’t happen here” we need to look back to Germany in 1933. Many Germans at that time thought Hitler’s worst instincts were exaggerations and “getting the trains to run on time” was a good thing so they could put up with a few crack pot ideas. A few years later they could not control those crack pot ideas and they became state policy.  He too used conspiracy theories and lies to make his case. Trump’s phone call a few days ago proves just how dangerous Trump really is and what he could do if given the chance. It could happen here. The USA has had a narrow escape.

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