Miles Copeland, III

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Marketing lessions of the Trump era.

1. The old adage: any press is good press just spell the name right. Seems staying in the news constantly keeps others from getting coverage.

2. Repeat a lie over and over and it becomes accepted as truth

3. Define the terms (as Lenin said) and you are 9/10ths on the way to winning the argument

4. People will believe what they want to believe. Truth does not matter.  Religions understood this thousands of years ago. People will gravitate to who or what tells them what they want to hear.

5. If it bleeds it leads. Outrageous gets coverage. Nice guys finish last. The more outrageous the more coverage.

6. Sex sells AND gets more coverage than hacking the government. “Grab them by the Pussy moved Russia off the front page. 

7. Repetition is the game or in advertising lingo “gross impressions” that’s why you see commercials over and over again. Don’t let people have time to forget.

8. Following from point 3: The importance of branding so all you have to do is show the logo and the message is delivered.

We live in a 30 second world of information so the sound bite is what it boils down to. Get that right and you win or sell or whatever. If you have to explain, you lose. People don’t have the attention span to listen to an explanation.  etc. etc. etc.

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