Miles Copeland, III

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FYI, when he was just a kooky right wing radio pundit I would listen to Mark Levin to see just how crazy he could get. He was so crazy with wild theories and complete bullshit that I never imagined even Fox news – not known for accurate reporting themselves – would give him his own TV show on the Fox network. Though I don’t listen any more to Hannity (you know what he is going to say and talk about before he does it), or the Hannity wannabes like Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson – I still check out Fox and the thrust of what the network is pushing.

Mark Levin however is so far in kookdom that I watch to be entertained. I fear he might even believe the crap he is pushing.  No one could keep a straight face and say what he does so he must believe.  He takes crazy to a whole new level – even for Fox.

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