Miles Copeland, III

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Election fraud

It’s hard to be angry at a person who is obviously psychologically sick. So I can no longer fume at the many Trump actions that seem so counterproductive and destructive. But at the same time I do not want that sick person running the country. The point to be angry about now is to be angry at the media that knows he is full of shit, the politicians who know that as well, yet still not only support him but push his crazy tantrums. Is it just for the money? Or is it stupidity?

Guys; the election is over! 60 courts threw out all the Trump bullshit.  Including the Supreme Court. The electors confirmed the election.  Republican governors and other Republican officials who voted for Trump have confirmed Biden as president and there was little or no election fraud.  Bill Barr, a Trump supporter also confirmed no election fraud. What more needs to be said? The only one who still thinks the election was fraudulent is Donald Trump – and he is sick. He is the political Covid 19 but worse.

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