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Voter turn out.

No matter what side of the political spectrum one is on it is true that the amount of votes that Trump got was impressive. He says that this is proof that he won.  In truth it proves just how polarizing he is. He generates fanatical support – at the same time as he generates fanatical hatred. The mistake he made in this election is that his base was just not big enough to deliver him a win. His polizerizing generated more that hated him than supported him. Almost 8 million in fact. It also points to the fact that during his presidency he made little or no effort to expand that base. To have done so would not have been that hard. Perhaps simply wearing a mask would have done it.  It was a serious miscalculation.

Let’s keep in mind, given the low historical turn out there was a large gap in potential voters that was there to be had. It is not a great surprise therefore that a polarizing figure like Trump would have made turn out for BOTH sides larger than in the past so that the total turn out was super large.  People who never voted before voted this time. On both sides. Trump’s negative tweets, self congratulations, and ego got the better of him and came to bite him in the ass.

Meanwhile the Democrats did not help themselves either – as we see from what happened down ballet. The Public rejected both – for different reasons.  Trump has only himself to blame for his Presidential loss, the Democrats have only themselves to blame for their Congressional loss.

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