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Fox on election

Watching Fox (which I do along with all the other media channels) I have to comment on two points that are currently being pushed. First Steve Levin finds it does not make sense that Biden would win the Presidency but the Republicans would win in the Congress. In fact it makes total sense.  This election was a rejection election. On one hand, just too many (over 8 million people) did not like Donald Trump. He could have won if he had been less nasty in his tweets, fired fewer people out of picq, and wore a mask.  But he couldn’t help himself.  Books were written about him that exposed is badness etc. Trump lost the Presidency – because of Trump pure and simple. The Republicans who were against him were not against the party, they were against him specifically. And let’s face it; he is a really bad guy.

On the other hand, the Democrats allowed themselves to be labeled as “socialists” akin to Cuba and Venezuela. They never corrected this rather silly view of what socialism in fact is. Worse, the Black Lives Matter people took up the “Defund the Police” slogan which scared just too many people. It will go down as the stupidest, shoot yourself in the foot, slogan of all time. Third the Portland situation and the looters gave too much visual fodder to the anti Democratic media like Fox etc.  Then one might also point to the lock down situation which is not Federal, it is local and State. So what happened was on one hand get rid of Trump and have a decent guy as President BUT keep the left out of controlling the Congress so there is a check on the President.

The thing that no one is talking about is just how difficult it would be to steel an election the way it has been suggested. Even in Republican controlled states.  When elections are fixed in other countries it is the President/dictator who controls the power who does it. So the Dems were not in a position to do a fixing even if they wanted to. Trump, with the large number of judicial appointments and controlling the Presidency might have been able to pull it off but even the President would find it virtually impossible. The fear of many is give him another 4 years and he might find a way to do it. Which is why many voted against him.

Then there is Laura Ingraham going on about Hunter Biden.  First he is under investigation and NOT accused or indeited. If the news was out that he was under investigation – when he might be totally innocent (in the US you are innocent until PROVEN guilty) it could be a repeat of the Hillary Clinton situation in the 2016 election. In that case the investigation was announced just before the election then dropped and many feel that FBI announcement was the blow that lost Clinton the election and got Trump elected.

Meanwhile, if we are concerned about knowing of an investigation before an election, we might add it would be nice to see Donald Trump’s tax returns. What is he hiding? Then there are the pending lawsuits he is facing in New York. What about the emoluments he never dealt with? And his children.  The list is long.

I should also say that I suspect that Laura Ingraham knows she is pushing bullshit which is why she has that sly smile on her face most of the time.  I came to the conclusion that she saw Hannity get away with nonsense and make tons of money so she thought ‘I can do that too.’  That’s my theory anyway.

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