Miles Copeland, III

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The true colors of Trump have been known for a long time. Republican Senators and Congressmen knew less than 5 years ago and said so, some impassionately. Books have been written about his true nature.  No mystery there. Now the true colors of the Republican party of today is also known.  Not all Republicans thankfully, but enough to scare the hell out of real patriotic Americans. The world is watching and we look like shit. The rule of law?  democracy?  fair elections?  Peaceful transfer of power?  even Patriotism.  Trump has made sure we have no right to tell other countries anything. Worse we Americans see a political party that we may have disagreed with from time to time but at least respected their right to have different views – now we have lost that respect.  We have also seen many in the media become puppets of stupidity – and to a degree that is quite frankly insane.  AND even when Biden becomes President it us going to continue for some time.  Depressing.

Then there are the conspiracy stories.  QAnon? give me a break. Talk about stupid! If you are a QAnon believer you are an idiot. Meanwhile here is my offering for a conspiracy theory:Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox and many newspapers was married to a Chinese lady. Given Fox and their furor over the 2015 Chinese spy story relating to a Democrat – what about that wife being a spy for the Chinese government? That would explain a lot of what Fox is doing.  It would mean that Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Carlson etc are working for the Chinese communist party.  Hey, Q people: why dont you push that idea?

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