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Republican Party today

I am sorry to say that I am coming to the view that the President might be worse than doctors have said – and what many books have said about him – and that he has slipped into a kind of insanity. I think he has talked himself into actually believing he won the election. The high number of losses in court and loosing the election seems to have been a huge blow to a serious narcissist who has boasted about “winning” as what he does.

Meanwhile the really disturbing thing is the support coming from those around Trump. One can understand media types like Hannity still on the Trump train as it means money- big money.  But what happened to Ted Cruze (after the horrible things said about his father and wife) and to Lindsey Graham and to so many other Republicans and the Republican Party itself.  There must be tons of traditional Republicans (my father included) turning in their graves. And for Trump calling those that oppose his attempts to overturn the election RINOs is rich. He is hardly a Republican himself and espouses views that are nothing to do with what the Republican Party has stood for in the past.

The biggest take away is how one bad guy can pervert a strong democratic system to the point one would not have believed just a few years ago. And worse: how many will go along with him. The analogy with Germany in the 1930s with the USA today is too close for comfort.I fear that those that imagine they are “patriots”, defenders of the constitution etc really have no idea what they are doing and how dangerous what is going on really is. The Germans found out in just a few years – as did 50 million people that were killed. I hope we don’t have to find out as they did.

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