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For the last few years various psychologists and psychoanalysts have voiced opinions that President Trump is a classic case of a Narcist except he is an extreme case. In fact some even went so far as to suggest the man is actually sick. Then various books have come out that support the fact that there is something seriously wrong with the guy. If all are true then it would seem he should be given some slack with regard to his current unwillingness to concede the election. If the man is really sick – and at this point it is hard to dispute – would we really be surprised that a sick man is doing what sick men do?

So really the problem is not Trump himself, it is all the supporters and enablers that have supported him. I cant get angry at Trump as I have come to believe the psych people BUT the rest? The idiots waving flags and acting like he is some sort of messiah?  and the Government people who repeat the lies as if truth is no longer relevant? I am not amazed that even an intelligent people can be conned into believing stupid things especially if at the beginning they fit either into their preconceived ideas or have a financial benefit.

Germany, an advanced, Christian, society fell under the spell of Hitler in the space of six years and committed atrocities beyond belief and walked the world into a war that killed 50 million people. The scary thing about Trump is the realization that the same thing could actually happen in America. We have seen the seeds planted and how easy it was for so many to imagine Trump as a savior – a savior from what was never clear and was different for different people. Many say “people are angry”.  Angry about what?

Meanwhile one would think it was so easy to see through the bull shit spouted by Trump.  But apparently not. Even his statement 4 years ago that President Obama played too much golf and HE would be working so hard would not have time for golf. Then Trump played more golf than any President in history. Even at the opening of the G20 a week ago while all the world’s leaders were assembled Trump was playing golf.

Of course the recent huge spike in the Corona Virus makes a mockery of Trump’s view that “we are turning the corner”. Turns out we turned the corner into rampant virus. Meanwhile the one thing Trump had going for him was the economy. Problem is that when history is written years from now and a real analysis is made Trump will not come out very well. His policies against the issue of global warning will cost huge amounts in the future. We could have prevented problems – now they will cost more to deal with.

Meanwhile as far as the stock market goes Trump stated that if Biden gets elected the stock market will crash. Yesterday it broke the record as the highest point ever.  So much for that prediction. Also people forget that if you have money the old idea that you could put it in a bank and earn interest died years ago so that now if you want to get some interest there are few places other than the stock market to put the money. The government gives money to banks at no interest so the banks don’t need to raise money from deposits.  Hence they pay no interest.

The most depressing thing is the lack of knowledge and the willingness to find out what’s true. When Trump said the WHO is bad news, or that the Iran deal is the worst ever, with NAFTA a close second, or that NATO is useless people believed him.  Ask Trump to explain the terms of the Iran deal and he cant. He never read the documents – nor did he look at the NAFTA deal NOR did all the supporters who simply chose to believe him. When he said “read the manuscript” his supporters encouraged people to do so to prove how innocent Trump was BUT when asked “did you read the manuscript” of course they didn’t. 

The reality is this: if you put Trump into a room and said tell me SPECIFICALLY why the NAFTA deal is so bad and why the improvement he championed was so good – he couldn’t. The man does not read. He watches TV and makes pronouncements that sound like he knows what he is talking about – knowing full well few will check – and those that do can be dismissed as purveyors of “fake nes” or as “enemies of the people”. 

Then there is the Obama Care issue. He said at the beginning of his Presidency that he was going to abolish AND replace. He did work to abolish but the promise to replace was conveniently forgotten. Even a few months ago Trump repeated that within two weeks his great health plan would be announced. Never happened. So much for the bullshit ‘promises made promises kept’. Even the “wall” turned out to be half hearted and of course Mexico never paid for the few miles that were constructed. In fact, most promises were NOT kept.

The good news is that 8 million more Americans were right to vote him out of office and that sick man will not be President – and we have to make sure never again. The US cannot afford such an idiot ever again. Both Republicans AND Democrats have to make sure Jan 20. 2021 will be the end of Trump.

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