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Sean Hannity

Two things:  yesterday I and my wife took a drive to Beverly Hills and saw major streets blocked by police, boarded up shops, banks, hotels, all with an expectation there would be trouble If Trump did not win the election. That alone tells you where this country has sunk to in the last 4 years.  A shocking spectacle for a nation that has been the light of the world for democracy.  Whether one supports his policies or not one thing for sure he has damaged this country to a degree I never thought possible.

Meanwhile I just watched a rant by Sean Hannity, a disgraceful grievance laden tirade of bullshit, lies, and utter nonsense – projecting on others what Trump and guys like him have foisted on the American Public. He will go down in history as the buffon we always knew he was.  No shame, no class. He was happy to say Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were counting ballots correctly 4 years ago but now he has reversed his position saying he does not trust the count. If it goes your way its all good – if not you spew anger. The mark of a classic poor looser.

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