Miles Copeland, III

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Though I hate to admit it, My father would have liked Donald Trump. Not for his politics – as my father’s view was that even an idiot can get things right occasionally just like a broken clock is correct twice a day. But Trump’s ability to tell a lie like he actually believes it AND even better tell a lie he knows is false would have appealed. Trump would have fit in with my father’s mantra “don’t let the truth stand in the way of a good story”. He would have agreed whole hartedly with the “shit hole countires” statement because Yes many countries ARE indeed “shit hole countries”.

Basically, my father was always fascinated by people with “no moral compass” as the latitude that gave to do what was necessary is a distinct advantage.  Remember, my father once complained that “the USA did not overthrow enough governments.” He was also of the view that one cant get angry when an animal, germ or whatever does what is in its nature to do. You cant get angry at a Tiger who attacks you and eats you. Its in it’s DNA and its not it’s fault any more than a Diphtheria germ that gets you sick. Don’t get angry – just figure a way to beat it or avoid it.

My father was was at first a big believer in FDR but over the years gravated to old school Republican ideals.  Strong defense, low taxes, etc. I don’t think he would have understood the Trump Putin connection nor the North Korea stunt – both pretty naive and stupid. He would also have been sick to see the evangelical religious types take over of the Republican party. How could a party of what he would call “common sense” go for shit like that? And Qanon?  well that would top it off.  The Republican party of today and what ever “Trumpism” is would have him thinking the monkeys have taken over the zoo.

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