Miles Copeland, III

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Funniest thing I heard last week was an avid Trump supporter who said he was making 4 times as much money under Trump than in the previous regime. When asked what his job was he said “debt collector.” Meanwhile I am thankful for two things Trump has helped expose. First he has put a clear wedge between the words “Evangelical” and “Christian”. The point being that the values of Jesus Christ and the Bible – turn the other cheek, the meek shall inherit the earth, are not in evidence in Trump world while slagging off everyone that does not agree, boastful pronouncements, mean spirited tweets are. To find “Christian” reasons to support Trump if run into a computer would spit out “does not compute”. 

At the same time he has exposed the “pro Life” supporters are nothing more than “anti abortion” supporters. Pro life is a phony brand name as if you add up ALL the Trump policies from loosening environmental controls on contaminants that kill people – not to mention his handling of the corona virus, more people will die because of him than any prevention of abortions.  I can understand people being against the idea of abortion but let’s call it that: anti abortion and NOT pro life.

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