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Some might say Donald Trump does NOT see the big picture – I Disagree.  However, the problem is that the big picture he sees is ‘How does it fit into his personal interests’.  That explains the relationship with Putin.  When he is over being President he will revert to wanting to build a hotel or other major building in Moscow.  
On the ‘Promises Made – Promises kept’ front  I am waiting for these:

1.  During the last election Trump complained that Obama played golf too much and that were he President he would not play golf because there was so much work to do.  He has played more golf during his presidency than any President in history.  

2. Obama Care was to be ‘repealed and replaced’.  He went a long way towards the repeal part but no more mention of the ‘replace’ part other than the plan will come out in a few weeks.  It’s almost 4 years and we are still waiting.

3. The Wall? Of course the “Mexico will pay for it” claim never happened and disappeared from his speeches. Meanwhile he said recently some 380 miles of it have been built and we find out that of those most of the milage was replacing old wall and very few miles are new wall. Also some of that new wall is already falling down with weak foundations.

4. He was going to release his taxes.  Still has not happened and he is still trying to stop release. If he has nothing to hide why not release?  and if he is correct that the $750 he paid in Federal Tax last year is fake news, easy to prove by releasing his taxes.  What’s the problem?  Just release your fuckin taxes and end the story. 

5. Ended the Iran deal which he claimed was so bad but he has not managed to get any replacement and now Iran is closer than ever before to being able to build a nuclear weapon.  No question a serious blunder of foreign policy.

6. Ending NAFTA and TPA turns out changes were mere tweaks and no huge change.  So apparently they were not so bad after all.

7. American companies are going to flood back to the US from China.  Only a few came back and job export still happening BECAUSE in a capitalist system labor is a cost that every company tries to reduce so they can make additional profits.  It’s still cheaper to manufacture outside the US.

8. Getting rid of over regulation. What regulations were changed? It turns out the main changes allowed more pollution of land, water and air. 

9. Lowered taxes. Did that but most went to the very rich.  Disparity between the rich and poor increased during Trump presidency.

10. Was going to make America respected around the world. Well, that is a joke and the opposite happened.  

11. Was going to “rebuild the Military”.  Definitely increased spending and added stuff but just as the French did after World War I he increased the military imaging the world of the previous wars.  It takes Billions of Dollars to build an aircraft carrier BUT it only takes a Million Dollars to sink it.  The Chinese and Russians have plenty of carrier sinking munitions at vastly lower cost so should a war happen those new ships are gone. 

12. Global Warming.  He is looking pretty wrong on that one.  And when history looks back he will not look good.  it will be a huge black mark on his legacy.  

13. Worst of all, American is more divided than ever  AND we are not looked upon with the same favor by the rest of the peoples of the world.

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