Miles Copeland, III

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Pastor Samuel Rodriguez

I was just listening to Samuel Rodriguez on the Amanpour & Co. TV program and once again the word “socialism” was used by a person who has no idea what the word means. To Mr. Rodriguez he imagines “Socialism” is what happens in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua which may be socialism in name but are better described as dictatorships or communist and no mention of Norway, Germany, Holland, France, or the so many advanced countries that apply the same “socialist” principles that some to the left of the Democratic Party espouse. He claims that because he is “Latino” he knows the meaning of socialism – which he does not.

The problem is, for those of us who are educated to the meaning of words, and political philosophies people like Samuel Rodriguez may mean well and really believe what they are saying but in reality what we see is a sign on their forehead that reads “I am an uneducated fool and don’t know what I am talking about”. The fact that this guy is in the position to influence others makes his lack of knowledge disturbing and in fact down right dangerous.

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