Miles Copeland, III

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Voting Advantage

With the debate today between Joe Biden and Donald Trump one thing is for sure. Trump has a BIG advantage. When one candidate believes his statements must be tethered to the truth and one candidate can say whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear and the truth does not matter it is pretty obvious who has the advantage. Lies told over and over again start to stick. That’s why Trump always adds “crooked” or “sleepy” in front of his opponent’s name. The Democrats need to fight fire with fire and always refer to Trump with “nutty Trump”. Or to really confuse the base “socialist Donald Trump”. Trump has given away so much money due to the virus he easily can be called a socialist. Even better how about “looser Donald Trump”. Bankruptcy, overwhelming debt, and jail might well be his future.

So whatever he is now, in the end he will be a looser. And if there is anything he hates it is being called a “looser”. What’s worse is in the end he will make the American people the loosers.

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