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The Virus and the left – right divide

How the Government has dealt with the virus should have thrown a monkey wrench into the capitalism vs socialism discussion. A pure capitalistic society would NOT have pumped a penny into any sort of stimulus program. No rent deferrals, no money to workers not getting paid, no unemployment checks. In a pure capitalist system if you don’t have money tough luck. Perhaps that’s the way it should be. Meanwhile Government stepping in to solve a societies pain is exactly the concept behind the idea of socialism. So the US response has proved that IN FACT the socialist ideal is very relevant in the US Government structure and it is generally accepted by BOTH Republicans AND Democrats that the Government has a responsibility to help the disadvantaged.

SO the argument is really how much the Government is responsible for and how much it is not. Republicans say the Government should step up but not too much. The Democrats say it should step up more then the Republicans. The fight is between the two positions. Labeling one view socialist and the other not is ridiculous and totally incorrect. Are the Democrats more socialist than the Republicans? Yes but BOTH are socialists. At the same time Democrats are not are communist any more than Republicans are pure capitalists. So for all those people marching with anti “socialist” banners should understand the two points of view AND I hope they do not take one penny of employment, stimulus or whatever else is given to them from the Government. I found it very interesting that Donald Trump insisted that his name be on the bottom of the checks that were sent out to all those that lost work. Money that increased the debt to levels never seen or imagined before. That makes him probably the most socialist of Presidents ever.

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