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  • The Chamberlain dream.
    Tulsi Gabbord was just on Fox once again showing she is another Nevil Chamberlain. Nevil did in fact deliver “Peace in our time” – only problem was that “our time” turned out to be short lived. The reality that Ms Gabbord does not understand is that peace […]
  • From Democracy to Totalitarianism
    The “progress” of Putin from his appointment by Yeltsin, Bush peering into his soul, the Russians singing his praises like a pop star to ever more authoritarian rule, having opponents jailed, or poisoned and eventually to his current Totalitarian position should be a lesson on what can […]
  • What might have been
    If Putin had managed to conquer Ukraine in a few days as he seems to have intended, he might have gotten away with it. A quick fait accompli as happened in Crimea usually makes it difficult for a democracy to want to respond with any long term […]
  • Damned if you do damned if you dontl
    Today of Fox News Kevin McCarthy was again trying to attack the Biden administration for not sending arms before the Russian invasion apparently forgetting that Fox, many Republicans, the Ukrainians and most Europeans thought US intelligence was going overboard predicting a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russians […]
  • Comedy
    On my brief look at what Hannity was saying on Fox I was surprised to see he is still pushing the idea that President Biden is not all there and the rest of the world is mocking the USA because of it. He even showed a clip […]
  • Fake F-16s
    As Putin claims the Russian forces are doing well, NOT killing civilians and what Ukrainians they do kill are Nazis – Bucha is fake news and photos and videos manufactured – its time for NATO to start having some fake news as well – like flying “fake” […]
  • No fly zone now
    After seeing the true nature of the Russian assault on Ukraine it is time for the USA and NATO to institute a no fly zone and state that interfering will trigger whatever response is appropriate. The USA and NATO also have plenty of nuclear weapons. If Russia […]
  • Real interests
    It is in the long term interests of the US to have alliances with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia in the East and with Europe, NATO, Russia and Ukraine in the West. That would create a fairly even balance with China. Such a balance would likely […]
  • Conspiracy
    Conspiracy theories are all the rage these days. Trump still claims the election was stolen and a not insignificant chunk of the public believe him. Russia is selling that Ukraine photos and videos of the war and especially what happened in Bucha is “fake news” and created […]
  • Info Wars
    Russian mothers will at some point be told of their dead soldiers but most live far from Moscow so not of serious concern to Putin. BUT the word of what really happened in the Ukraine, the devastation of the cities, killing of civilians, bombing of hospitals and […]


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Miles Axe Copeland III is an articulate and charismatic businessman, entrepreneur and influencer, with a track record of being at the forefront of innovation in the music and entertainment industries. His constant focus on evolution and revolution is dominant throughout his varied and successful career, which spans five decades and is littered with household names.

From being at the centre of the British ‘progressive rock’ and ‘punk rock’ scenes in the late sixties and seventies, to launching record labels and managing hugely successful bands and musicians such as The Police, Sting, Squeeze, REM and The Bangles, Miles spent over thirty years working with artists who dominated the charts in the US, the UK and across the world.

His inspiring ability to manage and grow talent, identify and influence changes in the market, and develop highly creative and innovative promotional strategies has resulted in countless hit singles and albums, Grammy Awards, and Gold and Platinum records, as well as some surprising but hugely successful collaborations. Meanwhile, his latest series of live touring projects has focused on creating a brand that can operate successfully with whatever artists might be available at any given time, creating both ownership and longevity for each concept.

Miles’ entrepreneurial approach has enabled him to find solutions when routes to market were closed, or evolve his business model when the internet fundamentally changed the industry. His experience and vision have led to numerous speaking engagements for companies including Motorola, HSBC Bank, Vanderbilt University, The University of California, The Grammy Organization and a host of music associated media.

Miles spent his childhood and adolescence moving between the US, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. His mother worked for British intelligence and his father was in US Army counter intelligence as well as being a founder member of the CIA. Miles’ cultural awareness and global outlook have been a common theme throughout his career, which has included boosting the popularity of Arab music and dance in the US, as well as advising the Pentagon on how to ‘win hearts and minds’ following the invasion of Iraq.

Photography: Aaron Stipkovich