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Hypocrisy is alive and well in the 3 one god religions. How many Christians do you know that support the idea of “Turn the other cheek”? How many support the idea of “Though Shall Not Kill”? What about human rights? Not to mention the molestation of little boys. The “Christian” right support of Trump, a man who represents everything Jesus spoke against two thousand years ago. If Jesus were alive today he would be horrified at what is being done in his name. Then there are the Jews. For all the talk of anti Semitism and anti racism lets look at the settler movement in Israel. Its a badge of honor to be anti-Arab and to feel they have the right to land that they say was given to them in some words written thousands of years ago. Kill, steel, discriminate, its all fine it seems as long as its against anyone who is of another religion. And lets look at who just got elected in Israel. The most right wing, screw Arab regime in the country’s history. Lets not forget Islam. Those great religious thinkers the Taliban blatantly discriminate against women and anyone who disagrees with their narrow interpretation of the Koran. The Saudis are not much better. The “Islamic Republic” of Iran is sending weapons to Russia to kill indiscriminately the people of Ukraine. Not to mention they kill their own people for not wearing a head scarf! Allah ahoukbar? not much evidence of that in any of the leaders who claim adherence to the tenants of any of those religions. If only one could be a fly on the wall of a meeting between Moses, Jesus and Mohamed where they have to wonder “What the hell happened?”

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