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Putin made his move into Ukraine without any way to get out without loosing huge face. A very stupid strategy to be sure but that is what he did. So the US is correct that believing Russian statements about moving east are just about regrouping to continue the attempt to take over Ukraine in a few weeks. There is no way he can sell a more limited goal as if that was his intention in the first place. He made it all to clear what his intentions were at the beginning. Besides, there are only two ways for Putin. One is taking Ukraine and the other is getting removed from power by force. There are no half way houses for him. No off ramps. Either he wins or he looses and if he looses that will be his life.
Meanwhile the US and NATO have to see Putin defeated and Biden was totally right – he cannot remain in power in Russia. There is no way any company and most countries can do business with Russia again if Putin is the leader AND too many countries need to be able to deal with Russia. If someone in Russia cant kill him then there will be a hit man somewhere else that will do it. The stakes are too high – there is too much money involved- to leave Putin in power. So Putin has no choice. He either wins and does so sooner than later or he is a dead man. For everyone’s sake including the Russians, lets hope he is the latter.

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