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Putin’s speech

Earlier today Putin made another speech on Russian state media. Just like the last speech we heard his words and watched him saying them. According to Putin, Ukraine is run by a bunch of Nazis who are imprisoning foreign students, using the Ukrainian public as human shields, killing Russian civilians etc..

Apparently President Zilensky (who is Jewish by the way) is head of a government of Nazis and the brave Russian army is attempting to cleanse the country of these bad people and NOT doing it by targeting civilians. Meanwhile, all the Western TV media covering the War, right wing, left wing, non-partisan and partisan – NOT ONE single news clip over the past 8 days shows one Ukrainian saying anything about Nazis. Just the opposite.

Fox reporters in the field say the same things and see the same things as CNN, MSNBC, BBC and even Newsmax. In Russia itself all conflicting media questioning the Ukraine invasion has been shut down. State media cannot say the words “War”, “invasion” “attack”. So the average Russian is not allowed to know what is going on. It is fast becoming impossible for the Putin supporters in the West to continue in their support. Putin has become the Hitler of our time. Too bad the Russian public is not given the same chance.

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