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Sean Hannity

Dear Mr, Sean Hannity,  I will admit that I disagree with many of your views but watch you as I do all the networks as well to get a cross section of views.  My question is this.  You complain that the US and European countries should do more, should cut off the Russian oil sector etc.  Meanwhile the network you broadcast on has a major show, Tucker Carlson, who questions the Ukraine news your network is airing as fake news.  Tucker Carlson is so supportive of Putin and that he is aired constantly on TV by Russian state media as a means to support what Putin is doing in Ukraine.  So how do you square that?  If you believe more has to be done by governments to support the brave Ukrainians and stop the horrific atrocities that are being inflicted upon them by Putin’s troops surely you would also insist that your broadcaster should also be supportive and definitely NOT have a show that helps Putin and belittles you and what all of your reporters are saying.

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