Miles Copeland, III

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The Solution to the current situation is simple. If Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruse and other strong Trump supporters came out and said “we had reason to believe the election had serious problems, perhaps significant fraud happened but after looking deeply into the situation found that no claims were serious enough to change the result of the election and we are therefore sure that Joe Biden did in fact win the election fairly and we support the decision of the majority of the American people – the threats and the divide would soon dwindle. Of course if President Trump said the same that would be what is really needed. That President Trump has not, nor it seems will not say that is the fuel that is driving the anger against him from the Democrats, some Republicans and the Corporations.

Fox news, Newsmax and the Trump base can point fingers all they want, spin all they want, offer equalivancies to Black Lives Matter or whatever but in the end the truth is that unlike elections in the past that were far more close, in all cases the looser conceded and the peaceful transfer of power happened with no fear of riots and insurrection.  Trump has neither conceded nor admitted his loss. In fact he continues to say he won. By doing so he continues to feed the lies and maintains the divide in the country. No matter how you cut it – spin it – it is Trump that is the divider.

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