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I hope it dawns on all the Trump supporters that if they thought Trump was so great why did he do something so stupid as hold that January 6 event? If he had been smarter during the Covid pandemic, worn a mask, – so many simple things – he would have won the election legitimately. If he had been more careful with his tweets. It would not have taken much.

Once he lost the election the future for him could still have been bright. He could have been a powerful king maker, or run for President again. But he chose to be stupid and blow it. Let’s face it, not smart for a guy that thinks he is so smart. Of course it’s nothing new. He never was a great business man.  Without his father’s money he would have remained small time. His casinos went bankrupt. His University was a scam. He was such a bad businessman that he was right to hide his tax returns. If he had released them we would have seen how bad he really was and how many of his claims were really complete fabrications.

Out of all this it is so clear that Donald Trump is no bright guy. He is no savior. No Genius. Best words? obviously not. A winner? wrong again.  History will say that more than anything he was lucky and the power of social media and cultural changes in the US happened at the right time to help him. Economic success was little to do with him, it had already started during the Obama years. What did he actually accomplish? As history will show, not very much. Getting out of treaties that made things worse for the US are not successes. Is America more respected now than prior to the Trump presidency? Only in Trump’s head. I travel overseas often and no way has Trump elevated the standing of America – just the opposite.

I cannot say that Trump is stupid (even though I want to) but at the same time I cannot say that he is smart. So what I would say is that Trump is of average intelligence with a high degree of arrogance possibly as a cover for deep insecurity- worst of all he is actually mentally sick. He fooled a lot of people who should have known better. Many of those did see him for he was at the beginning then chose to support him blindly once he became President. We have video of those people who will have a hard time living down the past. The final fact is Trump should never have been President,  January 6 gave us the final reason why.

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