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The Trump base

Interesting bit of news. Donald Trump was surprised at how “low class” and “stupid” his followers were that he saw invade the Capital building. One would have thought he would have seen them at his rallies but it seems that cameras up close gave him a better picture of what his followers actually looked like. I don’t blame him for being surprised. From all the video I saw and hearing them talk to reporters it was pretty clear that these were not America’s brightest. None of them looked like the types that his daughter’s brand was selling to, nor did they look like potential guests at any of his hotels, and certainly not his golf courses. “his people”? I don’t imagine we are going to see Trump start building low cost housing. How “his people” ever imagined Trump was for them will be one of the great mysteries of the future. NONE of his business activities have ever catered to the type of people we saw invade the Capital building. “You can fool some of the people all of the time”. 

Meanwhile interesting to see the Newsmax is going after the Fox audience saying they are now the true place to support Trump and hear the facts (“alternative facts”) that they want to believe.

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