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Jan 7, 2021, I was interested today to see what Fox would say about yesterdays events at the Nation’s Capitol. During the day there was some attempt to face realty until Tucker Carlson came on, then Hannity and later Ingraham. Fox then descended into the usual telling  the audience what they want to hear, NOT what they should hear. Bend the truth and deflect. Keep your audience angry so they continue to watch your station. Focus on the mistakes on the other side so you don’t have to comment on the ones on your side. It’s a way to lie without actually lying. The problem now is that Hannity is so used to lying that he does it without thinking. There are laws to prevent lying about a product – truth in advertising laws – you can’t yell fire in a movie theatre when there is no fire – BUT you can say what you want in politics. We call it free speech. That’s the way it needs to be.

The problem is that most of those Trump supporters listen to programming that does not tell them the truth so of course they are angry. BECAUSE they are told to be angry and they are fed crap to make them angry. As we can see on TV when they are asked by a reporter to comment on what they are doing or why they are at a Trump event they done WANT to hear the truth if it is not what they have already decided in the truth. Truth is then fake news.

When Fox had the temerity to tell the truth about Biden winning Arizona it turned out to be news the Fox audience did NOT want to hear so they switched to other networks who did tell them what they wanted to hear. That is the dilemma Fox have gotten themselves into. To make their money and keep their advertisers they are stuck catering to an audience what wants to be given “alternative facts”.

The saddest thing is that most of these people think they are patriots. What they don’t realize is that Trump has perverted the word to really mean patriotism is not allegiance to the US Constitution but allegiance to him personally. That is the basis of fascism. That the right wing media has helped him do that is to their everlasting shame.

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